Step Five: And Let’s Add a Piano Keyboard

Old Encore’s tiny keyboard has been replaced with a large realistic keyboard docked at the bottom of the display. There will be options on the keyboard to make step entry, smooth, intuitive, and fun to play.

Step Four: Viewing Multiple Pages on Screen

Encore’s inability to display multiple pages at once on the screen is simply unbelievable! Encore 6 will have multiple pages that can be displayed horizontally. The main view will have several options for viewing the pages like Fit Width, Fit Height, and a few more.

Step Three: Using Side Panels for Interactive Changes

The new toolbar buttons will open side panels to make score changes modeless without having to use a dialogs. This allows for a more intuitive method and leaves the score in plain view. Most of the common score layout options found in the Measures and Score menus are attached to these buttons. Click on a btton and it’s appropriate panel […]

Step Two: Redesigning the Toolbar

The Encore Toolbar is being redesigned with a vertical row of buttons docked on the right side. Most of the buttons will be used to replace menu items. Clicking on a button will open a panel to the left, allowing changes to be made directly on the score.

Step One: Consolidating the Palettes

Encore’s floating palettes have been an eye soar for many years. We have decided to dock them on left left side, give them a new look and add their own menu with options to make the palettes larger, to only display a single palette, open all palettes, and close all palettes.

Encore 6 is Stepping in a New Direction

The new interface will be a hybrid of Encore’s basic design with a modern touch enabled interface. To simplify user interaction, several changes will be made such as: The Palettes will be docked on the left side. The Toolbar will be docked on the right side. Most of the Measure menu items will be accessed using buttons on the toolbar. […]

Improving the Outdated Encore Interface

After evaluating Encore’s interface, I decided a total redesign was necessary. Encore will be given a new modern look and a new color theme. The palettes will be docked on the left side and can be repositioned y the user. The Control bar will be larger, placed at the top of screen, and will contain more important information.