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    Avatar photoLeonFagnant

    I’ve tried to reinstall Encore 5.0.4 on a new computer (Windows 11 64 bit)
    The application is launched but I can’t print nor edit my old scores because the application does not let me registering my licence number.
    What can I do ?
    Thanks in advance for replies.

    Avatar photoAndre Baeck

    I have that phenomenon only with a demo deliverable. But there have been several 504 versions at that time (Gvox, Passport, Unofficial “skunks” version…).

    What you should do, is to look, on your old system, at the registry (regedit) on HK_CURRENT_USER/Software/XXX/Encore/5.0/Registration where XXX can be PASSPORT, PassPortMusic or GVOX
    Export that folder and apply the result on your new system.

    For further questions, you can write me at andre(dot)baeck(at]gmail(dot)com, eventually in French. This forum is so strangely structured!

    Avatar photoMike Halloran


    What is the official build of Encore 5.04 for Windows? Did it go through multiple releases like the Mac version did?

    The reason I ask is that there were a few releases of 5.0.7 with the final build showing “5.0.6 1333m” in the About window. That’s the version that actually works and MacOS 10.14 Mojave is the only OS where it works well.

    Avatar photoAndre Baeck

    I just made an inventory of what I have in hands:

    – Mainly two official versions: 504/872 (26/08/2014) and 504/875 (25/11/2014) – both with OptiFingering (optionally licensed)
    – Two demo versions: 504/809 (11/10/2013) and 504/858 (08/07/2014) – both without OptiFingering – they cannot be activated with the license number

    And I obtained recently the installation file for 504/875 (at that time, only new users received it, existing users could download an Update).
    I have also one for each demo version.

    Avatar photoMike Halloran

    Thanks, Andre,

    I lost count of the Mac versions other than 5.0.6 1303m being the final build of 5.0.7 (1333 was a typo on my part). I’ve no idea why Richard and crew came up with an asinine numbering system.

    Avatar photoMario2

    Wasn’t there something about different updaters for the Windows versions?
    Depending on whether you got your software from GVOX or Passport LCC.

    Avatar photoMike Halloran

    “ Wasn’t there something about different updaters for the Windows versions?
    Depending on whether you got your software from GVOX or Passport LCC.”

    Something like that. We were supposed to be able to update from within Encore 5, too. I think that may have worked once for me — of course, that server no longer exists.

    Avatar photoAndre Baeck

    Inside of the Encore product folder, the is a program called “autoupdate-windows.exe” – meant for automatic update from a server. I have copies signed GVOX and some signed. PassportMusic.
    From 2014, I have two zipped files containing a “EncoreUpdater.exe”. They have about the same size, and both are signed PassportMusic. Both initiate and ask for the installed version to update, but quickly fail when trying to download from a server, which “obviously” does not exist anymore.

    If my memory serves, these zipped files could be downloaded from the public Passport web site.

    With the same “if”, at GVOX time the site contained an installation file for demo purposes, but it wasn’t different from a full version: the registration key could be inserted to activate as full.
    At Passport time, new users received a full installation file (or a link to it) which was also sent to older users asking for it. Jennifer did that till two years ago.

    Avatar photoMario2

    Thanks for the explanation Andre.
    Yes true, I also have these folders with the “autoupdate-windows.exe” program.
    I never got the download link from GVOX or Passportmusic because I bought my Encore from an Austrian distributor.

    By the way, what happened to Jennifer? 😉

    Avatar photoAndre Baeck

    That I know, Jennifer Brazinski was an employee of PassPort Music LLC, perhaps the only one… I guess that when they stopped trading, two years ago, she lost her job. There are a few people with that name on LinkedIn and Facebook…

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