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    Avatar photoRaymondZ

    Hello. We seem to like Encore so much that we are patient and continue waiting for it but we wonder: When will it arrive?

    Avatar photoMario2

    Don wrote: On Thanksgiving.
    That’s a nice date, isn’t it?

    Avatar photoMike Mullin

    Great news!

    Avatar photoriojazz

    Well, the website said “Fall 2022” for almost a year, then changed to “Thanksgiving 2023” but now it says “Winter 2023”. I wonder, from the point of view of someone in Florida, whether that means before this coming January 1, 2024, or sometime in the winter that begins in December 2023. Whichever it is, I wish the developer great success and I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

    Avatar photoMario2

    Oh yeah, the website has a new look.
    There is also a new button called Developement.
    Here you can see development steps and screenshots of the new Encore.
    It has been implemented very well so far in my opinion.
    I also believe that the wait is worth it.

    Avatar photoAndre Baeck

    I hope that the palettes/docks, shown here as white on black, can also be turned to the classic black on white? White on black is tendy, but hard to read. It reminds me the screens of the 1970’s with a green background.

    Avatar photoMike Halloran

    People are going nuts over this issue. It shouldn’t be a problem on the Mac. Windows…

    We’ll know soon enough.

    Avatar photoDrGeorgeMiklas

    Thanksgiving is coming….
    jus’ sayin’

    Avatar photoneyac2021

    Thanksgiving has passed. Winter ends in 23 days from today. Another postponement? I’m going to go crazy

    Avatar photokarlisele

    I wrote some lead sheets in Finale. Test period will end within 8 days. Then I will buy it. Sorry, but I need a working music notation software.
    Karl Isele, Germany

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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