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    Avatar photoDrGeorgeMiklas

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Please release Encore 6. If you need Beta testers, many registered on this forum would gladly volunteer. Otherwise, please send us the link to the downloadable demo and the registration/payment information.

    Still waiting patiently,

    Avatar photosynthzizer

    The timeline without an official statement now is bordering on ethical negligence.

    Avatar photoAdryan Russ

    You have been promising Encore 6 for many months — due in the Fall of 2022. I cannot upgrade my Mac to the latest system because it does not accept the current Encore, which has been my only music writing program for decades. Now Quicken informs me that shortly I will no longer be able to use it with my current MAC program. Would you please have the courtesy to tell us WHEN Encore 6 will be available? If the answer is NEVER, you need to tell us that, too.

    Avatar photojkds

    I understand the anxiousness to see a good program come back to life and better than before. Just a does of reality: communication is not likely to improve *after* E6 release. Also if they need a cadre of free beta-testers it will likely re-create the problems with GVOX management – meaning if they can’t afford “alpha-testing” to be thoroughly done beforehand – it’s release will be likely more frustrating. If quality is the cause for delay it is worth the wait. And it’s not that bad a delay really, especially in the scheme of software production, but if you’re checking the forum everyday and getting lit up, I suggest a couple ideas I hope can help some of you:

    – Perhaps check out – and I bite my lip – MuseScore. I vehemently dislike that program with a passion for my purposes BUT it’s free (save for the time spent in a learning curve) and it’s really a smart move to at least know how to ride that beast so you always have a back-up avenue for production.

    – For those with the a newer OS incompatible with your copy of Encore, maybe look in to picking up a cheap refurbished Win7-Win10 desktop for the cause? (microcenter.com, newegg.com) – for $150 you’ll keep busy in the interim. For Mac, I have read people using the software called PlayOnMac (https://playonmac.en.softonic.com/mac)

    – Some have mentioned they need to have their old enc files converted as their version is gone or not working…it seems that there are quite a few people (myself included) who are willing to help others in that regard – so maybe a forum topic specifically for people needing that could help.

    To be fair, trying to clean up what GVOX left behind cannot be easy whatsoever – even for Don Williams. However, they *did* engage the public with the “Summer” then “Fall 2022” release. Nonetheless, I doubt the delay is done to be indifferent or antagonizing.

    Avatar photogreatzot

    Just for perspective, my favorite guitar amplifier maker touted a new, small amp maybe 5 years ago. They finally got a prototype to a show 3 years ago. They said it would be released in 2020…then 2021…then 2022…and we’re still waiting for production, as they’re still backlogged with other work, and they ran into inflation, unfavorable exchange rates, and supply issues for parts. It’s too bad, but that’s life. No guarantees. Just be thankful for what we do have, and hope that it works out. Presumably Don is doing his best.

    Avatar photomrklarinet

    Yeah, I have officially given up on Encore 6. Time to move on to something else.

    Avatar phototherobotfilm

    Will anyone from Passport be at TMEA? I would love to meet up!

    Avatar photoHolivera1

    Thanks for putting it so strongly but polite.
    Apparently they are not reading any of these posts…which makes you wonder why in the heck this forum does exist?

    Avatar photoDulcilady

    My version of Encore is still working under Win11 on my laptop. Admittedly, I haven’t used it much in the past few months but recently wrote out a simple piece of the type of music that I play. I’m here because I’m contemplating getting into the Mac world with an M2 Mac Mini so was hoping I could at least download some version of Encore to use when I get the computer. From the comments here, I t sounds like that’s not going to work. I do hope we will see some version of Encore come back to life in the near future…. Is there a place to sign up for notifications?

    Avatar photoiMaurizio

    Theoretically you are already in the right place to get any notification :-/

    Avatar photoMike Mullin

    I’d rather wait some more and get a truly robust version of Encore that’s bug free and works with the latest operating systems. Most of these whiny posts do not help al all. If they bothered reading them how would the complaining help move things along?

    Avatar photoBernard Rey

    For what it’s worth: I could read in another forum that @Notes_Norton personally met M. Don Williams (some time ago) and was told that the step was higher than expected and so it would take more time to get the works done…

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    Avatar photoreinok

    The release date should have been Fall 2023

    Avatar photoDrGeorgeMiklas

    Thank you Bernard Rey

    Avatar photoJohn Collins

    I have Encore version 5.0.7 in my Mac and I upgraded my Mac several months ago to 10.15.7 Catalina and now my files/Encore program are inacesssable; it tells me that the Mac program my computer is using is 64-bit and the Encore program is 32-bit. I have been using Encore since the mid-’90’s and upgraded when needed. I currently have at least 20+ compositions/arrangements (not to mention all the individual parts that were extracted and made separate for printing) that I cannot access at all and I am wondering: does anyone have any idea how I can get the old 32-bit to work on my Mac with Catalina?
    I have been considering Notion 6 software to use to replace the Encore but it seems a bit complicated (and rather time consuming to learn how to use) for such great results, the likes of which are like what my Encore program was giving me.
    I do have an earlier model Mac computer in my storage room from 10 years ago with the Encore software program on it (maybe not the version I was using on my current Mac), I think, and could probably put the mentioned 20+ pieces/parts on a flash drive and transfer them and go from there, but my printer, I don’t think, can read the exported files that I’d be sending from the old Mac.
    I’m starting to feel discouraged about version 6 arriving and from what I am reading others are writing. I hate loosing so much music. Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any ideas on how I can get my computer to accept and read the 32-bit selections I have, even if I just print them out I’ll be ahead of the game (and record them as they play also) or, if you think going back to the old Mac I have, how can I get my printer to accept the material to be printed from the old Mac.
    My email is: [email protected] and my name is John

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