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    It would be better if the upcoming Encore 6 may develop its program not only about the compatibility with windows or mac, but also the application issue which able to be used in many devices, such as iPad (apple) family or other tabs (android)

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    Avatar photoMike Halloran

    If Encore 6 is not compatible with current Mac and Win operating systems, I don’t see the point. Remember that, with Window 10/11, the installer is often the hardest part because of conflicts while Apple security makes it no picnic for the Mac either.

    M1 Native for Mac will be most welcome but I’ll be ok if it needs Rosetta 2 at first launch.

    Since only a few notation apps have successfully ported to iPadOS and even fewer to Android, don’t get your hopes up for that happening soon—certainly not on initial release. As an FYI, none of those iPadOS or Android apps are a straight port of their Mac or Win cousins.

    Notion for iOS has been out nine years or so and it still hasn’t ported to Android. Now that Fender owns PreSonus, this may change in a year or two … or three or never?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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