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    Avatar phototherobotfilm

    I love Encore the way it is. If there is a better XML export, that would be great. But as long as it works on an M1 Mac, I’m happy! Thank you!

    Avatar photosynthzizer

    It is good the way it is but there is a list of things that are not right. Like undo and scrolling issues.. to name but two..

    Avatar photoDrGeorgeMiklas

    Will Encore be fully compatible with Windows 10 and 11 machines?

    Avatar photoMike Halloran

    “undo and scrolling issues.. to name but two..”

    You got that right. Undo absolutely sucks in the current versions.

    “It is good the way it is…”

    I don’t believe that anyone agrees with that when it comes to MusicXML.

    Encore’s current MusicXML is v. 1.x and does not support lyrics and expressions among its many failings. It’s not that xml 1 could not support these but MusicXML is a toolkit and it is up to the developer to decide what is implemented and how—and the developer for GVOX used very few features. Version 2.0 was out in 2007, a year or so before Encore 5.

    Although xml v.4 has been released by MakeMusic with Finale 27 last year, adoption has been slooooow. Sibelius just got v.4 in the form of a Dolet 8 plug-in from MM a few weeks ago and none of the other notation apps out there are even using v.3.1 (a major update) released in 2017 and first implemented in Finale in mid-2018.

    I expect Encore 6 to support MusicXML 3.0 which has been around since 2011 or so with wide adoption. Again, because it is a toolkit, do not expect it to be 100% compatible with other notation apps. Overture and Notion and Finale all handle 3.0 well while Dorico and MuseScore have issues but nothing insurmountable.


    Encore I understand is not compliant with Mac Monterey. I have the Monterey os and I have Encore. What can I do?

    Kenneth Bauman

    Avatar photoMike Halloran

    “Encore I understand is not compliant with Mac Monterey. I have the Monterey os and I have Encore. What can I do?”

    Wait for Encore 6 to be announced here.

    Being 32 bit only, Encore 5 is not compatible with Catalina, Big Sur or the upcoming Ventura either. It does work over Mojave (much, much better than it does over Sierra or High Sierra). I have an external drive formatted as a Mojave boot drive just so I can run Encore 5.0.7.

    Avatar photoAndrzej

    I’m going to buy a macbook AIR with M1 processor. Will ENCORE \ Encore Mac run on Apple MacBook Air M1 13.3?

    Avatar photoMike Halloran

    “I’m going to buy a macbook AIR with M1 processor. Will ENCORE \ Encore Mac run on Apple MacBook Air M1 13.3?”

    No. Keep watching for Encore 6.

    There is no way for any older version of Encore to run on an Apple Silicon (M1 or M2) Mac. You need MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) or earlier to run 5.0.7 which is not possible on an AS Mac.

    ENCORE is for Windows. I have no idea if it can be made to run over a Windows emulator on an Apple Silicon Mac. Even though I have a license for it, I have no interest in running Windows on my M1.

    Usual disclaimer: I’m an Encore User only and do not speak for Passport Music. My opinions are my own.

    Avatar photoDanny Vinson

    Hello, I’ve used Encore since it was MusicTime Deluxe and love it’s ease of use and professional looking print quality.

    Over the years I’ve noticed a few bugs and reported them to the previous owners, so hopefully those, if not already fixed, have been brought to your attention. Back then they would just report to me that others have already reported the same bugs…

    One problem I hope you will address is this: Occasionally I need to put musical notation into the text editor… especially accidents but sometimes note symbols. (I do a lot of educational work.) Like, for instance, the note designation “Bb”… it’s customary to us a small case “b” as a substitute for a flat but much more professional to use an actual flat… ♭. I’ve tried pasting a unicode flat into the text editor and the editor will take it, but the printer really hates to print it. In fact, when printing to PDF, it will render only a text log, but no PDF. Maybe this is Adobe’s fault but it works fine if I do the same from word processor. (Naturally, the “sharp” is on the keyboard anyway but of course there is no “natural” or “flat”.)

    Thanks! I’m looking forward to try the new iteration.

    Avatar photoneyac2021

    Good morning. I have an iMac with M1 processor AND another iMac with Intel processor. I’ve bought Encore for Mac many years ago, 2014 I think. But I don’t have the license number anymore.
    Now I need Encore to work and I don’t have it. Just a trial version that don’t let me save, edit or print. Can you help me?

    Avatar photojlsimard666@msn.com


    À quand encore 6 va être disponible ?


    Avatar photoiMaurizio

    D’ici la fin de l’année 🙂

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