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    Avatar photoduncan

    Sorry but totally disappointed with the lack of courtesy and broken promise. I love encore and would immediately buy but I can’t keep,checking your site to see absolutely nothing is happening

    Avatar photoiMaurizio

    Entering (or re-entering) the music notation software market today is, I believe, an arduous undertaking with an uncertain outcome in the medium-long term from a business point of view.

    Here it is not simply a question of converting Encore 5 into 64-bit software compatible with today’s operating systems, but of rewriting a program adapting it to current needs and standards.

    Any notation software that costs more than $149 today must be intuitive, fast, equipped with automation that simplifies the work.
    If it does not have these characteristics it will struggle to remain in a market segment that offers various free and paid alternatives.

    Avatar photosaxandkeys

    I think a good start would have been a port of the existing code to make the old software – warts and all – to be compatible with modern operating systems. Then, later, add features or rework the existing functionality.

    I still use the old version in a VM because it’s better than anything else I’ve tried for the music I write. Would be nice to be native since now I’m using a Mac instead of Windows and a Windows VM is a lot of overhead to carry. I still do it since I haven’t found anything better after trying many of the major and minor players.

    It is debatable if adapting it to current needs and standards is an absolute necessity. It wouldn’t satisfy all – but would have given something for some.

    None of this matters though since the roadmap is more or less cast in stone. I wish release dates were better scoped but it is what it is. My wishes or collective frustrations will not cause the software appear any sooner than it is destined to.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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