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    Is there any indication yet whether the new Encore 6 will open Encore 5 files directly? This would be ideal even if a small amount of tweaking/editing was still needed. I still love my old Encore 5 but have had to keep an old Mac in use for when I need it. It also works in VMWorkstation (OSX High Sierra emulation) using Windows 11 but it will be great to see Encore back in its new incarnation so these workarounds are not needed.

    Avatar photoJamesMcKenzie

    I too maintain a volume with Mojave just to run Encore (and a couple other 32bit apps). I can live without the other apps but not without Encore!

    Avatar photoMike Halloran

    If Encore 6 does not open Encore 5 files, what’s the point? Safe to say this needs to a primary function of v.6. No idea about Encore 4.5.5 and earlier.

    I had a Mac G4 set to dual-boot in OS 9/OS 10.4.11 Tiger. Encore 4.5.5 could open 4.0.2 and earlier in OS 9 and save. I could then boot into Tiger, open the 4.5.5 files in Encore 5.0.2 and Save. Now I could transfer them to my iMac and open those in 5.0.5/6/7 in MacOS 10.7—10.14 Mojave. Convoluted? Hell yes but it worked. Let’s hope we don’t have to go through that again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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