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    Avatar photoBrouckMedia

    Believe it or not…
    I still use Master Tracks Pro 6!! On an ancient Windows 95 machine, and midiman cards.
    Never let me down, easy to use, never locks up my midi devices, keeps time perfectly.
    (Using MIDI trunks A, B, C, D, with about 33 keyboards/modules/effects units, spread across the 64 channels)

    I hope the new developers do not over complicate things and try to beat out the other DAW software(s) and break an awesome software.
    Most MTP users like the stability and ease of use, the fast loading, small resource hog, on their machines. Stable MIDI is key! MTP is great for kids to learn Keyboard/MIDI concepts on as well.

    I still think about the ATARI version of MTP back in the day… Solid. My friend had Cakewalk, and his software would freeze up, lose time, and tone out, and he would hit the “oh s#%@” icon to send an all off command.

    That is when I knew MTP was the best!

    Avatar photoMario2

    I agree with you. I too use MTP version 6.01 on an outdated Win98 computer with a Pentium III processor. MTP runs stable and error-free here. I later bought version 6.8.4, but was not satisfied with it. Although this version runs on 32bit systems, it does not function in such a way that it can be used live. So I still use version 6.01 for my live performance.
    I also hope that the developers of the new version of MTP will focus on ease of use and include LSB/MSB functionality.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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