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    Avatar photogreatzot

    I was very surprised to see MuseScore has released a major update this month. I would suggest taking a look at it to get some ideas for the next version of Encore, but here’s a quick overview video they made.

    My main beefs with MuseScore are 1) could never get realtime MIDI input to work in prior versions, and 2) out of the box, it was a bit of a chaotic mess with a lot of tweaking required to make the interface clean and easy to use. So in past attempts at using it I just found getting things rolling was slow, and I just clicked out and moved on. Encore’s strength to me was always its simplicity and ease of use. Yeah, the pop-up windows are annoying, but it was easy to get started and write out some classical guitar or piano scores. It was always way better to me than Finale and Sibelius in that regard–I hated those programs when I tried them years ago for the difficulty in just getting started and doing basic stuff.

    However, there are lots of people out there who just want something to get started without forking over lots of money. And as a teacher, I wouldn’t want to require my students to pay a lot of money for a specific program that I use to create their lessons and exercises if there’s a way to give them a full electronic score they can easily open on their computer, vs. PDFs, which won’t let them do things like show or hide tablature, or hear playback, or change the playback speed, etc.

    So, again, good to see what the competition is doing to see how the next version of Encore could be improved. I don’t expect or really want a score editor to be a synth or DAW, so I’m not as impressed by the new sound packs as some, but having decent sounds built-in, with no external software or gear required, does make it easier to get a sense of what a score you’re working on will sound like once performed.

    Avatar photojkds

    I realize that for many, MuseScore gets the job done – however for percussion/drum set functionality and features, I sincerely pray that Encore 6 is *nothing* like MuseScore!…

    Avatar photoMario2

    I had also tried MuseScore up to version 2.0 in the past. At first glance, it seemed very clear and easy to use. However, when I started to use MuseScore more intensively, I found it more difficult and complicated to achieve reasonable results in a reasonable amount of time. The lyrics input was complicated and a reasonable tab display was impossible.
    How MuseScore behaves in version 4 I can not judge, because I deleted MuseScore from my computer.

    Avatar photoMike Halloran

    The only way that MuseScore could interest me is if it could open my Encore files. It can’t. I’ve checked it out and still can’t stand the workflow. It does look a whole heck of a lot better, I’ll give it that.

    I hope that Encore 6 is nothing like MuseScore. I want something quick and easy that lets me get pages to my singers as fast as Encore but with much better slurs.

    Avatar photowavesequence

    Hi Nike,

    Have you seen that Encore 6 is quite similar to Overture 5?

    Avatar photoMike Halloran

    If that question was aimed at me, I have owned Overture 5 since it was released. Unfortunately, it does not open Encore files. I am told a future of Overture version will.

    That said, I can create quick charts for my choirs and bands faster in Encore than Overture. Unfortunately, I need to boot into Mojave in order to do so. When I get me Mac Studio, this option will no longer be open to me.

    Back to the topic, I can’t stand MuseScore and I am a paid subscriber. There are times when having an unlimited access to that library saves me time but I export the MusicXML into Finale. I use whatever tools get the job done and it is never, ever MuseScoe.

    Avatar photoMarc Gilson

    Actually Mike, I believe wavesequence was just having a conversation with his shoe.

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