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    I’ve been a fan of Master Tracks Pro for years and years, and a few years ago got the version (6.8.4) sold by GVox. That version was a little bit buggy however, as I couldn’t find a way to delete a track, for example, and it was difficult to rename markers.

    I would love to see a new version that fixes some of the bugs and includes basic right-click functionality (like the ability to delete a track). I’m always searching for a high-quality stand-alone midi editor, and while Cakewalk by Bandlab has great midi editing capabilities, it’s built into a DAW and is not stand-alone.

    Avatar photoMario2

    I’ve been using Master Tracks Pro since 1995 as version 6.01.
    In 2010 I bought the version 6.8.4 but this version was a little bit buggy for live application so I returned to version 6.01 on an old Win98 operating system. This version runs stable which is importend for live gigs.
    Now I hope my patience had paid off and a new version of MTP will be created for modern windows based operating systems.
    Please keep the program small with the usual intuitive operation and LSB/MSB bank funktionality.

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    Avatar photoMario2

    I don’t know exactly how it is with other users but I also like to use the “Song” option in MTP. Here you can load several songs in a list and play them one after the other. The song lists can be saved and recalled at any time.
    I find this feature ingenious. Just as I appreciate the functionality and operation of MTP very much.

    Avatar photothorsak

    I have been interested in the Master Tracks DEMO for a longer time than I wish because the FULL Version of the Master Tracks PRO has NOT been available for some tome now: I have some projects in process that I’d like to complete as soon as the new Version (re-building) of the Master Tracks Pro will be available to the public – hopefully VERY SOON, PLEASE …!
    Your attention to the requests on behalf of all existing members would be greatly appreciated …!
    Tony H.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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