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    Avatar photosynthzizer

    It’s 2023 so an update would be good about what’s happening behind the scenes.. ahah yea I think so..

    Avatar photosynthzizer

    ok so it sounds like they have something to hide. maybe something has gone terribly wrong. But if not, an update even just to say “we are almost at beta testing” or something along those lines otherwise it’s starting to border on rude.

    Avatar photowavesequence

    Hi synthzizer,

    I’ve been using Encore since day one and still keep in a secure place the receipt, proof of purchase, signed by Mikel Estrin in the ’90. Then, I kept upgrading it, even though GVox wasn’t capable of a real developing. In fact, Encore 5 was almost impossible to use due to its bugs.
    In 2017 I bought SonicScores Overture but I was never able to use it, because there’s no user manual, even thouh it seems a very good notation software.
    Now I realise that the new Encore 6 is exact the same as SonicScores Overture.
    I don’t know whether to be worried or happy…
    In any case, the delay in releasing Encore 6 can be understood.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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