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    I’ve tinkered with Encore since the 90’s and it’s my favorite sheet-music software. Over the years I dealt with quirks/kinks/bugs in Encore, the worst of which was when Encore just crashed/closed and nothing was saved.

    But Encore has a feature that I haven’t found in any other sheet-music software: I can specify MEASURES PER SYSTEM and SYSTEMS PER PAGE. Please keep that wonderful feature available :-).

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    Can anyone help me? I purchased Encore 5 years ago. I’ve used it for pretty basic stuff, but recently I went to print out some lead sheets and DEMO was across everything.
    I paid for this and I can’t get support. Does anyone have any answers?


    Eric S.

    Avatar photorehmerk

    When the printout says DEMO, Encore thinks you are using the demo version. I have had this happen, as it seems that sometimes Encore forgets my license key. If I try to save a file, it prompts me for the key. So, I always keep a text document handy with the key, so I can paste it into the prompt and verify it. Then things seem to get back to normal. Hope this helps.

    Avatar photoMike Halloran

    If entering your License when prompted works, you’re good. If not, need to know what OS and what version of Encore.

    There were some issues but they differ for Mac and Win users and versions.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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