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    Avatar photoDanRock101

    WELCOME BACK ENCORE! I’ve been using Music Time since the version 3 (the floppy disks/pre-Intel days … aaaahhh the 1990’s!) and 3 CD Roms of versions from 2000 to 2008 and Encore since 2012. I’m SO HAPPY You’re all back!

    Feature request … Real XML export support … VSL Vienna Instrument support … Keyswitching for Articulation changes … Elision support for lyrics and text … More Engraving options (ability to adjust thickness of staff lines ) … The “Score Setup” was always hard to find and a hard concept for beginners >>> perhaps have a more standard “always available/visible” palette/toolbar.

    DAW support (ability to export scores with all of their articulations/keyswitching) <<<< Can this be done in Master Tracks Pro? I never knew what Master Tracks Pro was; is it a DAW? Can it work along with Encore?

    64bit/ M1 Apple Silicon support?

    In any case, welcome back and we all look forward to when the release comes out!

    Avatar photoMike Halloran

    Ok I’ll bite.

    How are you trying to write an elision? I’ve never had a problem with this in Encore.

    Avatar photoMike Halloran

    An Elision is done with an apostrophe if deleting a vowel such as “Ev’ry valley…”

    It just occurred to me that you might be referring to Elision‿Slurs for joining syllables from two words under one note. Encore 5 lets you do this by hitting the Command key before the Space bar but does not enter a symbol. You can insert an Elision‿Slur in Encore 5 but it’s a bit funky. I find such a character on a web site, copy it to my clipboard and paste it as needed. Doesn’t work in all fonts and it’s not elegant like the solutions offered in Finale, Sibelius, Dorico and Overture.

    Since Elision Slurs already exist in Overture, let’s hope that Don adds this feature to Encore 6. From the Overture 5 User Guide:

    “Enter an Elision Slur
    To add an elision slur between two syllables type the character ‘^’ between the two syllables. Overture will replace this character with small slur when it displays the lyric on your score.”

    (Yes, I checked. This does not work in Encore 5)

    Avatar photoAdmin

    What you are asking for is Overture 5.

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