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    Avatar photogdelanghe

    Was a dedicated Encore user but the eternal lack of support put me over to Finale. Read the note on Don Williams, the founder of Sonic Scores writing Encore, and supposedly issuing 6.0. But the fall release has stagnated into heading for Easter with nothing in sight. I checked the Sonic Score site and SURPRISE! there were Overture 5 and Sonic Writer 5. The exact same feel and layout as old Encore but buffed up and polished. I bought Sonic Writer 5 for only $69.00 and it does everything Encore did but better. And it’s stable, comes in Windows and Mac. I’m thinking that Don’s Sonic Scores software eclipses Encore, so why wait. All those great Encore features Don wrote are here now. Unless, like many, you’re suffering to wait for maybe Encore to come out just so you can open old Encore files. Or find a 2009 version Finale, import the Encore files, export to xml or musicxml.

    Avatar photoMike Halloran

    Finale up to 9 could import Encore 2 & 3 files but I don’t know anyone who made it work with later versions.

    One of Encore’s big problems is that the current versions cannot open older Encore files. 5.0.7 for the Mac cannot open anything older than 5.0.4. Fortunately, I converted all my older files with every update.

    Unfortunately, Overture 5 cannot open Encore files. This will change when Encore 6 (and, presumably Overture 6) are released.

    For now, you can scan pdf printouts, MIDi Export/Import (no lyrics, text or expressions) or MusicXML Export (1.1 Windows; 1.3 Mac) and Import to Overture with some text, no lyrics or expressions. Since Overture 5 supports MusicXML 3.0, it is assumed that Encore 6 will support that, too.

    Avatar photoMario2

    That’s interesting Mike. If Overture 6 is planned, then it will probably be released along with Encore 6.
    I’m going to wait for Encore 6 and not buy Score Writer, especially since my Encore still works

    Avatar photoMike Halloran

    Really—you were considering Score Writer? Encore has more features than that. But yes, since the Windows version of Encore still works (bugs and all), waiting for Encore 6 or Overture 6 and deciding then is the prudent thing to do. You can upgrade to one or cross grade to the other.

    I’m in somewhat the same boat on the Mac side. I have both E-5 and O-5. Overture 5 does work in the current MacOS (and looks better) but it takes me longer to do anything than Encore 5 over Mojave. If Encore 6 is like E-5 but working over 64 bit, that’s what I really want. I’ll likely upgrade Overture as well but I have a ton of Encore files that I must revisit now and then.

    I’m holding off on my new Mac till then since these will not let me boot from a Mojave external drive and my iMac Pro will.

    Avatar photoBernard Rey

    Yes Mike! I’m living with the same expectations, terrified with the idea my Mac mini would need to be replaced with a brand new machine, taking me away from Mojave and Encore. Well, I keep my fingers crossed… 😉

    Avatar photoMario2

    No Mike, I have not considered Writer. I had only referred to gdelanghe’s opening thread.
    I have become too accustomed to the layout of Encore to accept any other score program 😉
    I hope that Encore 6 will not deviate too far from it.

    Avatar photoAdmin

    Update: I am currently working on Encore 6 full time and hope to have it ready by Thanksgiving.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Avatar photoLubi50

    Hi Mike, could you send me Encore to install on my PC, thanks!!!
    [email protected]

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    Avatar photoMike Halloran

    I don’t know if I have the last build for PC but Andre does. See this thread.

    a desperate encore user

    I received my new Mac a few days ago and am in the middle of setting it up. Certain drives are not back online yet.

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