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    I use Encore for Sequencing mostly. Not really for Score Printing so these are my issues:

    – I like to see an un-Brace/Bracket for all staffs function.
    – Midi Ports have default issues for me where I have to reset 16 of them every session. (I’m running 32 ports & 17 – 32 default to 1 – 16)
    – Cannot Undo anything Score Or Global related.
    – Limited to only 1x notes related undo. Please increase to at least 10x.
    – Grace notes cause irregular measure widths. There are other measure width anomalies but I’m still not sure of the causes.
    – Remove all marks from selected notes function.
    – Install marks onto all selected notes function.
    – Display Tempo (Hide/Show) Defaults to show.
    – Page view defaults to top when flipping pages. This is a PITA when working on bottom of page staffs.
    – I want to select whole bars in a range but this is not possible. Currently have to select/highlight for copying all bars separately.
    – A humanize function where can drag notes off grid would be amazing (or a globally/selected function of amount and type)

    Thanks so much for the hard work you guys are doing. Can’t wait and thanks for looking into these for me if not all ready..

    Avatar photosynthzizer

    – Edit clarifying irregular measure widths what I mean is irregular note/rest/gap spacings within measures. (not actual measure widths)

    Avatar photosynthzizer

    – Adding control change messages (number & amount) is very buggy. There is something wrong with the interface input parameters.

    Avatar photosynthzizer

    – Display note velocity’s when hovered over

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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