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    Avatar photoMike Halloran

    “I’m using 5.6. I have 5.7 but that is buggy as well and I experience even more crashes with 5.7.”

    Exact answers to specific questions can be most helpful. There was never an Encore 5.6 or 5.7. I do know that you have a Mac, at least since the last version for Windows was 5.0.4.

    I’m not playing word games here. There was more than one build for Encore 5.0.7. Oddly enough, if you run Get Info in the Encore menu on the very last version of 5.0.7, you get


    5.0.6 1303M

    Encore 5.0.7 Copyright © 2014 etc.

    This was the last build and it’s quite stable over MacOS 10.14 Mojave. Some issues including Core Fonts and Barline Types only work properly in that version over that OS. If you don’t have 5.0.6 1303M, it can be found. I don’t post my contact info but I’m not hard to find if you need that build.

    You should purge every old version of Encore from your Mac. Old fonts, especially, can cause crashes no matter what version you are running. I can find Richard’s 2014 email on that if needed.

    “Like my 1st post says I use Encore to sequence so Velocity is big for me”

    Good luck with that. Overture combines the features of Encore and MasterTracks Pro. Unfortunately, Ov5 cannot open Encore files but Don says that Ov6 will. I think your solution will lie in that direction. If you’ve not downloaded the demo, it would be a good idea.

    Avatar photosynthzizer

    Thanks Mike It’s that I have running. (that I have previously got from a very helpful man)
    I deleted all Text elements it has now become stable again! No more crashes!
    I’m too entrenched in this Encore project now. I do many tricks to humanize things up in Encore and by the time you add real overdubs it sounds like the real deal.
    I will try Overture for the next album as a test to start off with but I’m pretty quick with Encore and hopefully both 6 programs will be out..so that will be exciting!

    Avatar photosynthzizer

    Be able to delete measures without the entire score shuffling back those measures

    Avatar photoMike Halloran

    “ Be able to delete measures without the entire score shuffling back those measures”

    Encore has always been able to do that. After you delete the measure(s), correct the number of measures per system. Say you had 5, you delete 1. To maintain the spacing on the rest of the page, change that one system to 4 and reflow (Adjust Measure Spacing) if necessary.

    The layout tools in Encore are quite simple compared to everything else. It’s the feature I like best and hope that doesn’’t get changed (much?).

    I’ll find the tutorial that I wrote nine years ago based on Richard’s email to me for removing all traces of older versions of Encore for Mac, especially those horrible early beta versions of 5. The 5.0.7 installer doesn’t do this. I’ll create a new thread for that.

    Avatar photosynthzizer

    Yes I know about adjusting measures per page after a delete or add measure. [[[[I do it with the brackets buttons on qwerty keyboard] However, this can damage a score, cause crashes, throw text elements and midi/program events around the place like a rag doll… So I hate doing it.. When hundreds of measures shuffle it’s playing Russian roulette..

    Avatar photoAndre Baeck

    What I sometimes did, if my memory serves:

    – arrange that the deletion start is at the beginning of a page, or perhaps a system
    – similarly that the deletion end is at the end of a page (or system)
    – and delete the concerned page(s)
    – then rearrange…

    Avatar photoMike Halloran

    “ I know about adjusting measures per page after a delete or add measure.”

    I wasn’t talking abut that. Reread my post. Ask questions if you don’t understand. It’s too bad we can’t add graphics or screen shots here.

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