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    Avatar photoAdriaan Dropsie

    This is the answer that I got from Sonic Scores:

    Can’t really say when Encore 6 will be release, because we are working on a much larger project, that is not finished.
    But is is in the works.

    Sonic Scores

    My opinion: I think indeed that they will first work on Overture 6, and Encore 6 will come after that with a little tast of Overture in it…
    That will be in WINTER 2024! Or maybe later…

    Avatar photoGroovyjazzyfunky

    Let’s hope they put more care into their software programming than they do into their spell-checking and customer service. I have my doubts.

    Avatar photoMario2

    That’s what I meant. Both projects are being worked on and this is delaying completion.
    Overture users are probably also eagerly awaiting an update after the last one was in December 2019.
    I’m still quite confident about that…
    Because as the German saying goes: Good things take time. 🙂

    Avatar photoArievilof

    Waiting (almost forever) is fine for young people, but for those of us who are over 70, it becomes a joke. I think the majority have already migrated to other programs that are properly served.

    Avatar photoMario2

    You’re quite right that waiting is not very useful for older people.
    But I think Don is probably the same in our age group. So I hope that Don is still young enough to finish Encore 6 😉

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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