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    Avatar photoneyac2021

    I’m looking forward for this new version for a long time.
    Anyone can tell me an estimative? Please?

    Avatar photoMike Halloran

    You are not alone in this. We;ve all been waiting.

    Avatar photogdelanghe

    I still have Encore 2013 circa. I endured the endless stall of previous owners. Goes without saying, but realistically we’re still in the same endless misery loop. There are not enough expletives to adequately express my dis-satisfaction. I downloaded Score Writer 5.0 and it is Encore with a different name, really. Except it won’t open Encore files. It does import xml, mxl and musicxml perfectly. Something Encore 5 was so out of date it couldn’t do. So, since it has all the functionality and Don Williams has all the code it is truly beyond comprehension why Encore 6.0 is not arrived. Also why I, like many have gone to Finale, Sibelius and MuseScore.

    So, Mike, have you downloaded and test driven Score Writer?

    This is not meant as a complaint letter, regardless of how it may be construed. Which is why no nasty words used. But if a loyal Encore fan can’t vent, what is the point. This perpetual stalling worries me that ongoing problems will be addressed in the same delinquent manner.

    Avatar photoMike Halloran

    Score Writer is the “lite” version of Overture 5. Since I have O5 already, I’ve never looked at SW — perhaps I should.

    “ Also why I, like many have gone to Finale, Sibelius and MuseScore.”

    I do not like Sibelius or MuseScore but have had Finale and Dorico since the beginning of each. My “heavy lifting” has been done in Finale since 1989, pen and ink for the 20 years prior. I keep waiting for Dorico to be a useful tool for me—takes me way too much time to get anything done. I have bought and discarded about a dozen other notation apps since my Mac Plus in 1986.

    I used to use Notion 6 to open MusicXML from Sibelius but it doesn’t work with he current version. The Dolet 8 plug-in lets the current Sibelius export MusicXML 4.0 which opens in Finale 27.3.

    My point is that I use the best tools I have to get the work done. Encore has a definite place in my toolkit, especially for my church work and lead sheets. Like everyone here, I want it back. That E6 is not ready isn’t keeping me from getting things done.

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    Avatar photoMike Halloran

    “I bought Sonic Writer 5 for only $69.00 and it does everything Encore did …”

    Oh not everything. I downloaded Score Writer just to see. If you do what I do, there are a few absolute deal killers for me, especially this one:

    “Lyric Verses — Overture: 8; Score Writer: 4”

    I often need more than 4 verses in my church work. Encore has up to 8. Score Writer would be useless in my Christmas book, also. I’d like to do it in Encore but the slurs are so bad (at least on the Mac) that terrible doesn’t even begin to describe it so I’m doing my book in Overture (don’t need Finale or Dorico for this). BTW, Finale slurs didn’t really look good till 2009 and Encore 5 was released in 2008.

    The cross-grade to Ov5 is $129 and it does have all of Encore’s functionality + a lot more – glad I spent the extra $60. I still want Encore 6, however. Overture and Score Writer take me longer to use. There are other functions doable in Encore, not possible in Score Writer but that’s the big one for me.

    I couldn’t get the Score Writer Installer to work on my iMac Pro over Ventura (Overture works fine) so I had to fire up my old MacBook Pro. Here’s the feature comparison between Overture and Score Writer:

    Product Comparisons

    Avatar photoAdmin

    Update: I am currently working on Encore 6 full time and hope to have it ready by Thanksgiving.

    Thank you for your patience.

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