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    Avatar photoencore45

    Is it an memoriam encore 6 before it is coming out?

    Avatar photolekbenner

    does someone have the key for Encore 5.0.7? i need to be able to open my old MTD files to convert them to XLM files

    Avatar photoAndre Baeck

    I have copies of the installation files for Mac (as well as for Windows) – send me a mail at andre(dot)baeck(at)gmail(dot)com – but the Terms and Conditions do not allow us to share the license keys.

    Avatar photoDanRock101

    Encore user is 1991 (floppy disk version!) here. Patiently waiting here too!

    Since 2020, I have upgraded my old licenses of Finale, Notion, and Musescore, and purchased Sibelius (subscription) and Dorico (full license). [I also TRIED over the years to make Logic 8/9/X Score Editor useful in any meaningful way apart from importing MIDI from Encore scores)…..

    Finale; had since 2005 and barely tolerate … could never get to understand it enough to even find out how good the engraver options are. Infuriating!

    Notion; had since 2009 because of Vienna Symphonic Library integration, and ability to use VSL’s articulations via KEYSWITCHES/Text … NOT for engraving … in fact the engraving and LOOK of the scores on Notion have gotten WORSE (washed out), BUT, Notion has a GREAT iPad app and handwriting recognition! A shame it still produces washed-out scores!

    Musescore (free); it’s free and has a good community. Can’t get anything good out of it … I wanna like it!:::SHOULDER SHRUG::::

    Sibelius (subscription); I agree with Tantacrul’s YOUTUBE CHANNEL. I wanted to like it … didn’t. Maybe will one day if I renew.

    Dorico (full license); BEST OF THE BUNCH! Looks great, great options, and gets better everyday. Dorico is that perfectly hot girl that is great to you, is beautiful and sweet, but you still can’t let go of that crazy girl you’ve known for years (Encore) because you KNOW she’ll change cuz deep down she’s …. well she’s sorta easy and always there, but she pulls the Don Draper thing and disappears for weeks on end and comes back with cold sores.

    Logic 8/9/X Score Editor … you ever hear the founders of “Starbucks” say, “Yeah, we KNOW the coffee sucks. It’s not about the coffee!” … THAT is Apple’s (lack-of) development of Logic’s Score Editor. It’s there! YAAAAAAAAY!

    Avatar photoriojazz

    Given this recent notice:

    Thank you for your patience: I am currently working on Encore 6 full time and hope to have it ready by Thanksgiving.

    Wouldn’t it be a good idea to take a moment and update the website from ‘Fall 2022’ to ‘Late Fall 2023’?

    Avatar photoAndre Baeck

    I think that “Fall 2022” was a typo at the first place. When I saw that date last year I found it unbelievable.

    Avatar photoMike Halloran

    Unbelievable, perhaps, but it wasn’t a typo when written.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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