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    Avatar photoWilliam Sheller

    Je compose sur Encore depuis la toute première version. Je continue à utiliser le 5,+ sur un vieux laptop en 32bits. J’ai essayé tous les autres et aucun ne suit la logique personnelle d’un compositeur qui écrit à la main. Le pire étant le Staffpad qui contraint à mal écrire au stylet (des bâtons en guise de notes) sans doute parce que le concepteur écrit comme un cochon. Alors nous attendons patiemment. Faites au mieux mais ne changez rien au concept. En souhaitant pouvoir ouvrir les anciennes versions de Encore. Sinon ce sera retour au papier métré. Même si 150 pages d’orchestre à la main est un travail fort long pour lequel il faut une obstination de souris.

    Avatar photoJLN

    avec Encore 5.0.6 1303M, tout va bien jusqu’à Mojave

    __ with Encore 5.0.6 1303M ,all’s well until Mojave ( 32-64)

    Avatar photoEric Le Cardinal

    I have a solution if you’ve upgraded to a Mac with an M1 M2 or M3 processor.
    You keep an “old” Mac running Intel, which you only use for Encore (no matter how powerful it is). And you use it for Screen Sharing on your new machine. Personally, I use a MacBook Pro 16 M1 Pro connected to 2 screens. I run Encore 5 on an old 2013 MacBook Air in Screen Share, which I display on one of the 2 screens. I can then extract pdf and midifiles to transcribe my scores and arrangements on MuseScore, which for me is a perfect alternative to Encore, and I can easily drag files from one computer to the other.
    It took me a year to really adapt to MuseScore and now I can say that I won’t be going back to Encore (unless version 6 is a real bomb!).
    If you want to work with an Intel Mac, the ideal solution is to get a Mac mini – you plug it in without a screen in the corner of your workspace!
    Hope to Help
    French Jazz musician

    Et un grand salut à William, grand respect pour ta carrière et ton talent d’arrangeur ! Je ne savais pas que tu travaillais sur Encore !

    Avatar photoMike Halloran

    Not all Intel Macs will run Encore. The 2020 iMac definitely won’t (we have one) and neither will the 2019. Neither will the Mac Pro 7.1 or any other Mac introduced new in 2019 or later. All ship with 64 bit operating systems that cannot be downgraded.

    MacOS 10.14 Mojave is the last OS that can run Encore 5.0.7 and it’s the best one. The 2018 Mini was the last Mac that shipped with Mojave. If you need to run a later MacOS, configure a Mojave bootable APFS Volume and Option-Boot into it when you need to run Encore—a bootable external drive works, too. Those Macs with T1 and T2 chips will need their security settings modified in the Repair Partition but again, Apple has Support docs on this.

    I like the screen sharing idea though I do monitor sharing instead. My 2017 iMac Pro is sold and the 13″ & 15″ screens on my 2012 MacBook Pros are just too small for these old eyes. It’s 27″ or nothing for me these days.

    Avatar photoyabori

    I upgaraded Encore to 5.0.7 but can’t authorize at all. Now I use this on my old Mac(10.6).
    I tried to contact at this site, but can’t read the security CODE at all.
    Really looking forward to seeing the new 6.

    Avatar photoMartin Mitchell

    Guess again, eh?

    Avatar photoDerinBrooks

    Yep…pretty frustrating to say the least after getting excited and hopes up over a year ago.

    Avatar photoDrGeorgeMiklas


    Avatar photoMario2

    Yes, the development is dragging on… But it wouldn’t be bad to at least give a new timeline then. As Don wrote, I thought that Encore 6 would at least be ready by the end of the year.

    Avatar photoAndre Baeck

    The main page of the site still says Winter 2023. Still 69 days till end of winter, in the Northern Hemisphere.

    (Promises only bind those who believe them)

    Avatar photoArievilof

    What a joke! Full-fledged teasing. Overture waiting…4 years! For Encore waiting 3 years!… You really have to be masochists.

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