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    Hello, I’ve used Encore since it was MusicTime Deluxe and love it’s ease of use and professional looking print quality.

    Over the years I’ve noticed a few bugs and reported them to the previous owners, so hopefully those, if not already fixed, have been brought to your attention. Back then they would just report to me that others have already reported the same bugs…

    One problem I hope you will address is this: Occasionally I need to put musical notation into the text editor… especially accidents but sometimes note symbols. (I do a lot of educational work.) Like, for instance, the note designation “Bb”… it’s customary to us a small case “b” as a substitute for a flat but much more professional to use an actual flat… ♭. I’ve tried pasting a unicode flat into the text editor and the editor will take it, but the printer really hates to print it. In fact, when printing to PDF, it will render only a text log, but no PDF. Maybe this is Adobe’s fault but it works fine if I do the same from word processor. (Naturally, the “sharp” is on the keyboard anyway but of course there is no “natural” or “flat”.)

    Thanks! I’m looking forward to try the new iteration.

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